Thursday, 17 March 2011

Old Gaswowrks Caves Dover 2011

Yes obscurity it was pants..But had made me mind up i was gunna find it and play some more with the sigma we did.visited with spaceinvader(equally dissapointed)

Borrowed history

In 1822 Dover Gas Company formed and set up its premises in Trevanion Street, they dug a well there to provide its water
supply. The amount of water available was so great that they were able to supply it to much of the surrounding parish.

The Gasworks moved to another part of the town by the 1930s, the surrounding area including Trevanion Street was cleared after the war, much of it being badly damaged. Dover Leisure Centre now stands on the site.

Two parallel caves, the left-hand one is twice as high and slightly wider than the other with
a central tunnel connecting the two together making an allmost perfect H. At the end of the smaller cave is a filled-in well
which must be at least eight-feet across. The whole place is covered in a layer of coal dust.
Coal was used to produce domestic gas.

Nothing epic but a tunnel none the less

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