Thursday, 10 March 2011

Clapham North deep level Shelter march 2011

Thanks to Troglodyte for the invite...After a days txting and trying to work out how we'd get up there a time was arranged and Myself Urbanginger(cheers for the driving) Space invader met up with Troglodyte and well..a car full..I havnt seen much of the history posted ON this well visited of late site..I found some very interestung facts and info on the deep shelters in london and on this site,so rather than me try and cobble in my own words some of it im putting this link upwhich says it all.

The lights where a pain in the arse with exposingsome areas but easier to get around,Id packed up beforewe found the office areas on the way out ,but heres a few pics of the night,thing is as huge and great as the place is one extremely long corridor looks identicle to another so sorry same looking pics all round..

All in all a good if not long night!

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  1. some different shots on here mate, Nice though. Epic night!