Tuesday, 5 October 2010

St Augustine's,Chartham(whats left of it)

Right very well known hospital now houses ,well the main hospital it's self is now houses what is left is beechwood house which was a school for psychiatric adolescents, i know my wife went there :)..there i think juniper house was for the day students and redwood was for the boarders which where separate units and must have been some other stuff left as we found some old hospital wards the gym which was in redwood house and a few random music rooms and various side rooms as in private hospital style rooms..
Visited with obscurity..photographed with obscurity...on with the pics and excuse my new found fascination with flakey paint!

 Here are a few updated pics form January 2016


  1. Beech House was the name of the unit including the school. Redwood was the boys accommodation and Juniper the girls. In the 70's there was fairly relaxed mixing between the two houses although fairly closely monitored. For many it was the only place they got to be themselves, for others it was more difficult. The school had an amazing Head Master, Brian Molloy, a genuine life saver for quite a few of us.

  2. My wife used to go there as a day boarder many years ago now

  3. Inhuman staff. Destroyed my life. Looking at these pictures makes me feel sick.

    1. this place still haunts me the photes bring it all back

  4. ^^well thank you for the input :D

  5. Check out the height of the water tower....this is how high we were when we stupidly set it alight from underneath us when we were 12. Kids don't play with petrol when your in a boiler room and on a dexy comedown with a bag of glue!!! Tazma killed her self the next week after her best mate Lisa was indefinitely held in the adults wing secure unit after, like me, being an arsonist. Unlike me both her parents were killed in the fire they were questioning....mine was just intent. We drove go-carts at 40mph through the main wing of the mad house with mental patients and doctors alike having to dodge out the way and jump for cover. We tied our teacher half way up a climb called little chimney at Harrisons rocks whilst rock climbing and stayed in the van till six am and left him there. Terrorised the whole of Canterbury and Ashford armed with Stanley knives whilst running away in our Pyjama's(my mum was pissed off, it was her stanley which she had from St martins art class in the 60s), We kidnapped a member of staff and forced him to buy us beers whilst driving his car to the village, Burgling the education block had just grown boring,we dislocated a carestaff/bouncer from local nightclubs shoulder so badly he could not work again, and poisoned 2 members of staff with carbon monoxide poisoning, I lost three friends through staff negligence and two by trying to get our own back, soldiers of the course!!...after a month and a half of heavy sedation on Amytriptilene and Largactyl,....I finally gave up the fight.......It was an eye opener of a six month duration I will never forget...I'm not scared.....I'm just being chilled. Take care of the people that take care of you!!

  6. http://sahhistory.wordpress.com/photos/

  7. lucky the water tower had a fire escape or there would have been all six of us cremated, the fireman said that they didnt have a ladder tall enough to reach us...we'd have been fucked!!.....the thing was fully alight under us when we woke up on the roof 1 hour after we had set the timed water system at 5am to start pouring on the electrics after we covered the whole floor in Petrol....that's what you get for letting "Section3" kids do their own mechanics on racing go-carts for a project.....At least I were 1 of a kind.....well 1 out of 21 kids under 13 who were "Section3" in the whole of England that was 59,000,000 and I thought 23 was the number of chaos. lol

  8. Under a section 3 (s3) you are detained in hospital for treatment. Treatment might be necessary your health, your safety or for the protection of other people.

    You can be detained under s3 if you are well known to mental health services and there is no need for you to be assessed under s2. Alternatively, you may be detained under s3 following an admission under section 2.

    How is a section 3 carried out?

    To be detained under a s3:

    an application must be made by an Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) or your nearest relative,
    they must see you within 14 days of making the application,
    you must be seen by two separate doctors. One of these must have had specialist training to undertake this role,
    the doctors must have seen you within 5 days of each other,
    admission to hospital must be arranged within 14 days of the last medical examination.
    How long can I be detained for?

    You can be detained for up to 6 months, but you may be discharged before this time is up. Detention under s3 can be renewed for a further 6 months. After that, detention can be renewed for further periods of one year at a time.

    A s3 can only be renewed if you have been given an assessment by the doctor responsible for your care in hospital, during the two months before your s3 is due to end.

    What are my rights on a section 3?

    You have the following rights when you are detained under section 3:

    You have the right to appeal against detention to a Tribunal once during the first six months of detention.
    If your s3 is renewed, you can appeal once during the second six months. You can then appeal once during each one year period.
    You have the right to apply for discharge to the Mental Health Act managers at any time whilst you are detained.
    You can ask for the help of an Independent Mental Health Advocate who can assist you to raise any issues you have with your care and treatment.
    You should be given a Patient Rights Leaflet by a member of the hospital staff which explains your legal rights.

    Can I be treated against my will?

    Under a s3 you can’t refuse treatment. You can be treated against your will for three months, but after this time you have to be seen by a Second Opinion Appointed Doctor (SOAD). A SOAD will give you an assessment to see if they think that the treatment is needed. This means that after three months, treatment can only be given without your consent with SOAD approval.

    You can’t be given certain treatments without your consent unless specific criteria are fulfilled. These treatments include electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

    If you are unhappy about your treatment you should talk to your named nurse or psychiatrist. An Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA) may be able to help you put your case forward.

    Who can discharge me?

    You can be discharged from a s3 by:

    The professional responsible for your care in hospital (Responsible Clinician)
    The Mental Health Act managers
    Your nearest relative (although this can be overruled by the Responsible Clinician)
    The Tribunal
    What sort of aftercare can I expect?

    You can get free aftercare when discharged from a section 3. This is known as section 117 aftercare.

  9. OUR MOTTO...." YOU CAN'T NICK ME, I'M "SECTION 3" Once sectioned you are as they say "riding your ticket" You are officially property of the U.K. Mental Health Team. The police only have the power to detain you and can't actually arrest you. But take heed kids, When your sectioned and on the loose they don't take chances if they think your suicidal or not.

  10. mate slow down i really cant be arsed with all the many many comments..

  11. As said before inhumane staff. Destroyed my life from the abuse that I suffered. When anybody moans that there is no treatment for adolescent mental illness now maybe be thankful that there isn't this which will fuck you up forever.