Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Sarre Brigade HeadQuaters 18th august 2010

The underground Brigade Headquarters was built in 1940 in a disused quarry,it was the HQ for the Southeast Army Command,it was manned by the Canadians.
It is mainly lined with corrugated steel with iron girder .There is an unlined corridor entrance stairways with signs of collapse.There are three square bricked rooms that have painted signs in them which show what they where used for originally.The three cliff face entrances which are on the quarry face have been filled with junk and rubbish “blocking“the tunnels..!Not exactly an interesting write up but them is the facts J
Also isn’t the largets of shelters so isn’t huge amount of pictures..there was a can of beer at entrance been there a while ..I was strong I didn’t drink it

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