Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Northamptonshire mines 26th september 2010

Right must say these where to be my first mines,got Txt from troglodyte thursday night..here wevsky wanna come and meet me and me missus up here for a few mines..yes says me if i can get there.So few txts later got hold of Maniac who was well up for the road trip up there.I have a pdf file with a lot of info on the iron mining industry including some maps and some info on both these mines.But due to the fact that the maps and detailed info gives exact locations to the mines i really cant use it,so this report is more about my first mine and meeting up with some great people along the way..This was a trip up there with maniac to meet troglodyte his missus *char* and to then meet up in a pub carpark with DHL fazey and one other guy who tbh i didnt catch his name so sorry there mate..
Right the first mine was Church North ...then after a quick change a sneaky pint and a chat with Troglodyte and his missus the second mine (willow close) which was visited without dhl fazey and the other bloke they had other plans ..right on with some pics..one passage in an iron mine looks pretty much like another so i wont over do it with the pics

now i had these pair of boots and these mines killed them

Now im a lazy sod so this im just setting up to see if i really can be arsed to continue doing more!!

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