Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Esplanade level dover Castle 12/10/2010

Right a trip out for a look at some of dovers good stuff ended up with this result..The lowest area of dover castle tunnels apart from the alleged Foundation level which to be honest no one seems sure of existance,...any how ..visited with Fortknox0 and frosty and a big thanks to all involved in the trip..right athol,trevenian caves and guilford tunnel..Very good explore loved it infact!!We spent several hours in and around the tunnels .This is what i managed to get!
On with the pics


Updated pics on this link

Esplanades 2014


  1. sweet - where's the way in? I was there today, would have liked to see this - would have come back on the evening

  2. erm sorry mr anonymouse wouldnt be telling people where or how to get in..Thats just not going to happen,hard work research etc etc..and its sealed tighter than a nuns chuff!

  3. how long are the esplanade tunnels?
    Awesome pics btw.

  4. the pics are way under standard mate but this was years ago wheni first started..the tunnels are really quite long,welll the guildford tunnel which connects trevenion caves and athol caves is ..takes a good ten minutes or more to walk it

  5. These photos are fantastic. I used to live in Dover. In the late 80's as a teenager we used to play in the tunnels which I think were these ones. One end would run from the sports centre car park and you could get all the way to the back of some houses near the eastern docks. I remember having to climb a small section of cliff to get to a tunnel opening (I think it's been bricked up) which you walked down and this eventually would drop down into what I would describe as a crouch height sewer tunnel. You then walked back on yourself in this tiny tunnel and eventually ended up in a kind of square chamber. We had to climb up to the top where there was a small square opening we could pull ourselves up into. This then led into the main network of tunnels. Brilliant fun!!!

  6. ^^sunds like your talking about the castle drain tunel mate