Friday, 22 October 2010

Soldiers' Home 21st October 2010

This is the Eastern end of a large tunnel complex in Snargate Street, which began as separate tunnels but were linked during WW2 for use as air raid shelters. The main part of this section is the 900ft long Cowgate Tunnel which connected Snargate Street with Durham Hill. Unfortunately, this tunnel was penetrated by a shell during WW2 which resulted in the death of 63-year old Mrs. Patience Ransley, who was sheltering inside at the time. The tunnel is blocked at the point of the shell penetration, which occured within the grounds of Cowgate Cemetery on the surface. It is however possible to go much further than the blockage shown on the plan below, but conditions are poor due to roof falls and rotten timber props. Due to revelopment of the Durham Hill area, the entrance at that end seems to have vanished. The passage going West from the main entrance tunnel passes a vent shaft and kiln, and was originally known as 'Soldiers' Home Caves', due to them being behind the old Soliders' Home. The passage continues to a metal gate which blocks access to the next set of tunnels, which are known as 'Croucher's Tunnels'.

This was visited with unclebulgaria and on arrival met up with Obscurity,frosty,james and craig!!i did the splits nearly at one point as the wood was mouldy the chalk was slippery and it happens ;)

Friday, 15 October 2010

Oil Mills Upper and Lower 14th october 2010

This was a great little visit if not a little painfull due to all the lovely prickles and thorns..oh and stinging nettles and small muddy holes with old rope etc..but a fun night in dover nether the les..shame unclebulgaria left his camera battery at home!!plan was to find the lower as Ub had done the upper..anyhow we went in the upper i got my shots and after a phone call with directions into the lower andy headed out for a look for the path while i finished off in the upper..suprise visit from frosty who clambered up to the upper entrance to just point us in the right direction!well we are old it was dark etc!heres my pics from the night of both sections

Right that was the oil mills upper and lower

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Esplanade level dover Castle 12/10/2010

Right a trip out for a look at some of dovers good stuff ended up with this result..The lowest area of dover castle tunnels apart from the alleged Foundation level which to be honest no one seems sure of existance,...any how ..visited with Fortknox0 and frosty and a big thanks to all involved in the trip..right athol,trevenian caves and guilford tunnel..Very good explore loved it infact!!We spent several hours in and around the tunnels .This is what i managed to get!
On with the pics


Updated pics on this link

Esplanades 2014