Sunday, 10 March 2019

The Granville Bars

 The Granville Hotel was originally designed by Edward Welby Pugin,the bars are part of the original building and have been unused since 1991 .There is a lot of history surrounding the hotel and associated bars so the easiest thing to to rather than copy and paste information is to add a little link or two..

The Granville Ramsgate

And a nice wicki link


We where lucky to find ourselves invited to visit this location,apologies for the quality of the pictures it has been a good few years since i have picked my camera up..

Friday, 11 November 2016

Abandoned Trains Uk

Not much to say about this ,one of the lads knew it from childhood and the Train and carriages have been left to the elements ever since..The level of decay on the wooden carriages is lovely and the spray painted graff has turned to a peely flakey texture as the wood has rotted..I like trains they're cool

Thanks to Obscurity for the invite and silentwalker for the company and headsup..

Some pics form a pleasant few hours wandering about..

Saturday, 1 October 2016

3 derelict locations in Thanet

One is part of a large worldwide company which recently relocated and closed a lot of its operation,the other two are a Halfords and beds direct,nothing exciting but first time ive been out in it is what it is

Visited with Obscurity and many lols where had