Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Godstone Mine Surrey 2016

Myself and obscurity had put some time and travel into this place and things just hadn't gone according to plan so when opportunity came knocking and  i got a message we all jumped in the car to get a look around this one which is a pretty decent size and worth the look,It is of course looked after/maintained by a group who do a good job of keeping it accessible to keyholders and the such like,they seem to be doing much work in the place so hats off to them!

Visted with Obscurity ,SpaceInvader and Urbanginger..

The firestone quarries at Godstone Hill probably started in the early 17th century as two separate workings which merged in the 18th century. Firestone was used as a building stone and also as a refractory material, mainly used in the glass industry in the production of plate glass. The nearest glassworks was at Vauxhall in London, although Godstone firestone was distributed throughout Britain. The last firestone slabs were extracted in the first years of the 20th century. The workings were extended as a hearthstone mine in the nineteenth century, and adopted for growing mushrooms in the 20th century.

On with some pictures of our visit

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