Thursday, 28 May 2015

Megatron Sheffield May 2015

Megatron is a massive storm drain ( if its nto a storm drain my bad but it's been reported on as such) and a culverted section of the river sheaf just before it joins the river Don in the city centre.This was top of my list and first location visited after a nights kip at pauls.

Upon entering after a quip hop of a fence and down into the main drag i was i have to admit not disappointed by what greeted me.quick wlk upstreak for a few shots which may have come out better if it was dark but hey ho..then off we went downstream past varying sections of different construction types,there are many deeper holes to navigate around so as much as staring up and around at my surroundings i paid attention to where i put my feet as we trundled down sloped past arches and into some pretty cool massive spaces..

Thanks again to paul for his guidance as i managed to stay up right and not go over once in here which he took great pleasure in telling me that others has done :thumb

Pics...In some form of order i think..

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