Monday, 20 April 2015

Margate Shelter

Cant find any info on this one or take any credit for finding it thats down to SI and his keen observation.

It does look like its been used as a soakaway at some point during it's life as there is a water level mark running through the place..

not many pictures as to be fair its not huge...

Monday, 13 April 2015

W T Henley / AEI Cable Works Air Raid Shelter Feb 2015

I have visited this one before but i think  most of us if not all didn't think it would be possible for some time to come,but hey it was and we got in for another look,there's some info about the site on my blog from 2011 i think..can be found here...

No doubt as always blogger will over saturate these pics,but i can but hope !

Some rather nicer in my opinion pictures form what still is a really intact and in good condition shelter..

A little group meet up of friends in said location,not to everyone's taste but fuck it was a good bash