Sunday, 22 June 2014

Some local Shiz

Not much to say about these,one was (re)discovered by a group of explorers in 2009 who tirelessly attempted to dig out various parts of it,and about time i posted a few images up from this rather tiny shelter in pretty bad condition.The second is a margate ww1/2 shelter that's very small but clean and worthy of 15 mins wandering about

And a quick video i made for the Lolz whicjh i felt looked and sounded better with Beny hill music..
Epic secret shelter AKA Burlingtons other bunker

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Kings Reach Tower 2013

South Bank Tower (formerly King's Reach Tower until 2013 is a high-rise building in Stamford Street, Southwark, London. It is a thirty storey structure 111 metres (364 ft) high and was completed in1972,[designed by the architect Richard Seifert and built by John Laing Construction Limited. As of 2013, the tower is undergoing extensive redevelopment.
The tower is a Brutalist-style building that was common at the time of its construction. The tower is similar in design to Tower 42, which was designed by the same architect.
Info robbed from wicki..

Pretty much forgot i had this sat on the hard drive so thought it was about time i put on on my blog!

Visited with the usual gang and as much as i hate heights was nice to get so close to the edge and admire the view