Friday, 23 May 2014

Esplanades Dover 2014

Visited here back in 2010 and when opportunity arose to visit again i went back for some better pics and a look around.

Esplanades consist of the Trevanion Caves,Athol Terrace and Chapel caves which is privatly owned and has long since been sealed from within the guildford tunnel built to connect these various secions together.

Trevanion Caves are situated behind the Leisure Centre car park on the seafront at Dover and are linked by the Guildford Tunnel to other caves and tunnels beneath the cliff. Originating in the 1800's, they were adapted as shelters for the local populace during WW1 and again in WW2 with a capacity of over 650 people - plans were also made to re-open them in the event of an atomic war.
 Behind Athol Terrace is a large 19th Century cave system that was extensively enlarged and adapted as air raid shelters with a capacity of approximately 725 people. Large numbers sheltered here from the German long range guns that caused so much damage to the town in WWII. Most of these caves and tunnels are in a reasonable condition and structurally sound although one particular area has suffered from spectacular roof falls and was sealed off.

The Guildford Tunnel consists of approximately 1600' of unlined tunnels, occasionally supported by brick pillars, that linked three large cave systems beneath Dover Castle.

There is also a Drain which can be accessed from within esplanades from an entrance into the guildford tunnel..
A part of the drainage system for Dover Castle can be accessed via a locked doorway in the cliff face below, or from the 'Esplanade' level of tunnels and caves - a large shaft constructed of brick is protected by an overflow system that terminates in a concrete sump. Much of this sump and the tunnels that serve and ventilate it appear to be of much later construction, possibly 1950's or 1960's ..
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