Sunday, 16 February 2014

Cannon Road Section Ramsgate Tunnels 2014

Visited this place about three times back in 2010,Never have been happy with these pics but in my defence i was very very drunk most the time so they are what they are..

Fast forward 3 and a half years and i was back down here.Saw a report go up on this last year and  after a while we went to pop the lid and have another look round,the lid refused to lift more than a few inches so after a couple of attempts and feeling a bit puzzled we left it .
Recently pics have been appearing on Failbook so we assumed the alternative access point had been used!
On getting in my first port of call was the far end to see why that cover wouldn't lift,Seems some BELLEND had tied rope under the cover and onto the ladder inside which would account for it not lifting,Ropes still on the floor and in one of my pics..

Brief info..

The cannon rd section lays in between the westcliff and the main section (train tunnel)..access into the main section is stopped by about a 25m long stretch of roof fall and at the westcliff end by a sewer pipe cutting it off and running into the westcliff section and up what would have been the ellington section now after a 30 odd foot crawl totally consuming the tunnel itself...

visited with Spaceinvader,Obscurity,STeALtH and his missus..


  1. Wevsky man, alternative access? Did you go down a shaft? I know you can't tell me how and where, but perhaps you could shed light on that picture with the weird shaft on the left and the tunnel running on the right, is that an effect on your camera? It just doesn't look right somehow, like it runs paralel with the tunnel? Nice pics as always

  2. That pic is taken on a fisheye lens the actual shaft you can see is directly above your head and about 50 foot to the top,its just the way the lens is designed that makes it look that way

  3. cheers mate, thought me eyes were deceiving me, don't know a lot about cameras, took a little walk that answered my other question, always wanted to get in that way, well done!