Saturday, 1 November 2014

Dreamland Cinema Margate

Been wanting to see inside here for a long time,and with a bit of luck i was in with the lads

a brief history and a link after to where the info came from.

Dreamland cinema was was the earliest Art Deco cinema in an expressionist brick idiom, it's design heavily influenced the designs of the later Odeon cinemas. It first opened on 22nd March 1935 with a show featuring 'The Painted Veil'. It closed in November 2007 with the showing of the 1957 film 'The Smallest Show On Earth'.
The cinema closed for the war in 1940 with reopening on July 1st 1946. When it first opened, its seating capacity was 2,050 and the unreserved prices were 7d, 9d and 1/- in the stalls and l/6d in the balcony; the reserved prices were l/6d in the stalls and 2/- in the balcony.
In 1973 the cinema was sub-divided, and re-opened as two small theatres each seating 350, with a new bingo hall beneath.
The cinema has had many owners over the years and was, until its closure in November 2007, operated by Reeltime Cinemas who operate the Carlton cinema in Westgate.
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On with some pics i have sat on these for quite a long time but thought id post them now..

Monday, 27 October 2014

Unexpected Find....Uk

Just a little something stumbled upon while out and about..wet damp and deep underground ,just how i like it...

only a few pics as to be fair it is all very similar ..

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Treatment ...2014

Just a quick and i mean quite quick look into something local that's been on the list for years just never got round to it for the obvious reason

It's a waste water treatment plant with som eold what looks like napoleonic areas lower down where i believeduring ww2 there may have been a gun..Pics are crap due to high iso and not using a tripod but here are a few followed by a youtube link just for shits and giggles..

Visited with the lads one fine evening..