Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Crystallerie Val Saint Lambert

Didn't venture into all the buildings here and i know there was a lot more to see ,but tiredness and the heat  got the better of me so i bailed and went and chilled on the grass outside with Spaceinvader for a fag and a chat

Theater Jeusette

Another place my exit from the building was far from graceful ,i have the cuts grazes and bruises to show for it..
Nice old theatre been closed for around ten years so not in bad condition really..

Preventorium Dolhain

Really only wanted to go here because of the old Firetruck ,the building is pretty trashed but still some nice angles to be found and the odd staircases and a not bad view from the roof top..

Church Of Bones

Another little gem long closed and built around 1839so it's been here a long time..the center of the church has been dug up ,i assume there may have been graves within the church floor and the remains have been moved !Some bones remain.

Crachoir Piscine belgium

Nearly injured myself while entering this building,seems the workmen hadnt fixed a board i was climbing over and it along with myself fell backwards!!
Funny as fuck to watch tho i imagine


Chapel De Anciens belgium

Another chapel i know but there is so many out there just sat empty..

Think this used to be a Hospice of sorts and at some point the chapel had been bricked up and sealed ,today it lays empty and the main parts of the building are being slowly torn down..