Sunday, 9 December 2012

Chambre du Commerce, Belgium December 2012

This has been hit a fair bit i know but as we had just left the pre metro we thought as we where in the area that we would pop in.Weather was bleak not an easy task trying to expose anything properly in that light but ive cobbled a few together that weren't that bad!!

Visited with Obscurity,Spaceinvader and Urbanginer


  1. I've been looking to your report and I'm in love for this place.
    I hope to visit The Chambre...

    If you want you can look to my Blog too (I'm an Italian explorer) and to my Youtube channel-no Boundaries Elvira.

    Thank You and good exploring.

    1. i will take a look,thank you for the comment

    2. Hi guys,
      I'd plan to visit Antwerp this month, and I would love to take pictures there! Is it accessible? Do you have the address and any tip? Thanks a lot!

  2. albert i dont know if it is still for the address i find google helps with things like that :)