Friday, 9 November 2012

Westcliff section Ramsgate tunnels 11/12

This is my second visit to this location ,My first I was a noob to photography and did not own a tripod so as expected the pictures where far from good.Even my History was way off!

Fast forward 2 years or more and ive finally got around to doing the place again.

Brief history,

The Ramsgate Tunnels as they stand today consist of Three Doable parts,
The Main section
Cannon road section
The Westcliff section

The main section was cut off from the cannon rd section sometime in the 50’s when an over head water main had leaked causing a massive roof fall.
The Cannon rd section was cut off from the Westcliff section in 1954 I believe, when a trunk sewer was constructed utilising the existing tunnels Cutting off access into the Wescliff section and destroying the Ellington section.

This is probably in my opinion the nicest and apart from the odd chalk name the less molested of the three I’ve visited.

Visited with obscirity,stealth,nutUE,Urbanginger and Jayne

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