Sunday, 16 September 2012

Thamesteel sheerness

This has been a while coming but we managed to get all of us together and go down and have a gander...There are signs of the pikey folk being at work and some of the control rooms are now welded shut as the locks seem to have been hacked off..The site is huge and loved every minute of the place right up until i looked over my shoulder and spotted One secca stood there..3 of us waled calmly out and await the other guys from across the road just as police car number one pulled up .Quick chat as to had we been in the steelworks ,no of course not etc and off they went so we started off down the road as 3 more police cars booted it down just as the others where coming back out.We got stopped and questioned by a right stroppy fucker who was keen to discuss things at station ,so necks where wound in and we where allowed to leave..

visited with Obscurity,Stealth,Fortknox 0,Space invader and Urbanginger (cheers for driving)..

Heres some pics of what we got before being disturbed

 Thanks for looking ;)

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