Friday, 22 June 2012

Ditton research lab June 2012

Visited with UrbanGinger one dark damp night

Bit of history.

Ditton Research lab was originally opened by The Empire Marketing Board in 1930.

The EMB was formed in May 1926 by the Colonial Secretary Leo Amery to promote inter-Empire trade and to persuade consumers to 'Buy Empire'. It was actually established as a substitute for tariff reform and protectionist legislation and this is why it was eventually abolished in 1933, as a system of imperial preference replaced free trade.

The EMB had three principal aims: to support scientific research, promotion of economic analysis, and publicity for Empire trade.

The purpose of this laboratory was to carry out experiments on the shipping of fruit across the high seas,in order to extend its life over long,seabourne journeys. This is where the "ship on land" experiment originated from.

In 1969 the lab was incorporated into the nearby East Malling Research Station as the fruit storage section.


  1. Heya..

    Nice images matey. Just wondered if you could let me know what the access is like for this site? I'm looking for old buildings for a photo shoot with a model I have planned (and the model isn't going to be able to climb walls etc).



  2. Sorry i dont discuss access mate,it's a caseof go and have a look,as i imagine access we used is no longer!sorry but any discussion on access is in plane view for everyone to see,the security company the owners ,local metal thieves and chavs!