Friday, 11 May 2012

The union workhouse/asylum Chapel eastry

Bit of brief history on the workhouse/asylum the chapel was in us with...

Eastry Hospital, formerly being the Eastry Union Workhouse, then Eastry Union Workhouse Infirmary (1871-1930) and Eastry Institution (1930-1948), before becoming a Hospital in 1948 until its final closure around 1997.

A workhouse was erected at the south side of Mill Lane in Eastry in 1835-6, the architect being William Spanton, who followed Sir Francis Head's model courtyard plan (which was also adopted by other Kent Unions such as Bridge, Cranbrook, Dartford, Dover, East Ashford, Malling, and Tonbridge). The new Eastry workhouse was designed to accommodate about 500 inmates.

The entrance block was to the north of the site. Two-storey blocks were arranged around a large courtyard to the south and a separate three storey infirmary block, together with detached fever wards was erected to the south of the workhouse in 1871. A chapel was built close to the road immediately to the north of the workhouse.

The former workhouse later became Eastry Hospital, a centre for the care of those with learning disabilities. The hospital has now closed and the site is being redeveloped; the infirmary block has been demolished along with most of the entrance block. The Grade II listed "Old Buildings" remain, along with the chapel which is sealed tight at the moment.

Some pics of how it looks today!

Just a quick trip while waiting to meet up with some others


  1. I had all bt forgotten the place. thanks for bring back some old memories

  2. Ive been waiting for a while now to have chance to see inside this place!very tempted to ring the bell on the way out

  3. Hi Wevskys Shiz,

    I'm writing to you from the Finborough Theatre in London UK to ask if it may be possible to use one of your photos as a publicity image for a forthcoming play of ours. We are very interested in your photos of the chapel / aslymn / workhouse that you posted on 11th May.

    It would be used for a World Premiere production of the new play Barrow Hill, which you can read more about at the following link:

    It would appear on our website, leaflet for the show and on the poster, and would be seen throughout London.

    The Finborough Theatre is an unfunded and not for profit registered charity, so I am afraid we could not offer you any money for it, but would of course credit you whenever it is used in whatever form you like, and can give details of your website.

    Would you let me know if this might be possible?

    With very many thanks,

    Sarah Loader
    07540 433546

  4. I would be more than happy for you to use one of thje photos as you have asked so politly if yu can let me know which one i can send you the original over as the quality will be better

  5. Hi Wevsky,

    That is very kind of you. We would like to use photo 7 of 12 of the chapel / asylmn collection above, please. Perhaps you could send me the high res version to, along with details of how you would like to be credited?

    Best wishes,

    07540 433546