Saturday, 19 May 2012

North and south casemates dover may 2012

Borrowed history

South Flank Casemates, Dover: During a new fear of invasion from Napoleon III two new dry moats where added to the existing citadel defences. The northern and the southern moat both had their own casemates built. Between these there was also a defensive caponier built, but sadly this was filled in during the 1960's by the Dover Corporation and they gradually destroyed many parts of the Western Heights.

The southern casemates are a lot larger than the northern casemates, with eight separate rooms whereas the northern casemates only had six.

This was explored with get from the south to the north you have to crawl on hands and knees thru a small chalk tunnel then through a drainage pipe..also very small

On with some pics

Thats my lot..!

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