Friday, 4 May 2012

Coulsdon Deep Shelter

This large public air raid shelter is one of four which were proposed and built by Surrey Council at the beginning of WW2, the others being at Epsom Downs, Ashley Road in Epsom and Kenley. After the war, the shelter was used by a lense manufacturing company and later as a garage, and most of the internal fixings and equipment seem to date from around this time. The tunnels themselves are lined throughout in brick, and have unfortunately become a dumping ground in recent years.

Visited with Obscurity St0rme and Space invader

 Good explore and a very nice start to the day!!


  1. Nice thanks for posting this I would love to go and see this place and take somme piccies I bet it smells good and feels cool.

  2. Constant temperature underground,well in general and smelt very musky and dusty!

  3. Nice pics mate,unlike mine!!
    I need to get decent camera instead of relying on moby.
    Anyone tried the hatch further up the hill towards nuthouse?
    S.R.C.B. Dorking hopefully opening soon..if someone gives me a hand..all my mates balls seem to have shrivelled and died!

  4. These are great pictures! Do you know if this place is open to the public? And is it privately owned? I'm really interested in using it for shooting a short film.

  5. It is not open to the public and is sealed up ,no idea who you would contact about filming inside we found our own way in!