Sunday, 27 November 2011

A few high spots in london

Didnt get to the very top of this tower ,im afraid i dont have a head for heights or the nerve to climb about 400 foot up in the air ,so heres a few pics from one very tall location and a few from millenium mills at night!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sarre Brigade HQ

This complex of underground tunnels was built in the 1940's and served as Brigade headquarters for the South East Army Command; it was manned by Canadian troops.  Other similar bases were also established at Reigate, Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells. At Sarre, the complex consists of three parallel stairways excavated into the chalk.  These lead downwards for fifty feet before the main areas of tunnels and rooms are reached.

Visited with Space Invader and Morgan

Nice bit of underground if i do say so myself!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Langdon Hole Dover November 2011

Blatant Borrowed history

Langdon Hole is an underground system which has been sealed since 1979, called " Dumpy B " ( " Dumpy A" being Long Hill underground radio station ).Which was a alternative site for Reserve Central Command Headquarters based below Dover Castle, or it may have been an alternative generator room for the Telegraph and Signal Station at Swingate.

This was one of the sites revisited on a trip to meet n greet a few other explorers and show them a few bits of dover!!

Seems again i havnt reported on this site on here ..

In attendance ..Space Invader, Pirate, Rust Proof Hawk and Datsun

A few pics from the day!!

 Was nice to meet some more explorers on this cold and wet day!!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Soldiers' Home caves & Cowgate tunnel november 2011

This was a revisit from a place i went last year with uncle b and the usual suspects...
This time i visited with Space Invader,One Flew East,Teebs ,Maniac and Fortknox0

This is the Eastern end of a large tunnel complex in Snargate Street, which began as seperate tunnels but were linked during WW2 for use as air raid shelters. The main part of this section is the 900ft long Cowgate Tunnel which connected Snargate Street with Durham Hill. Unfortunately, this tunnel was penetrated by a shell during WW2 which resulted in the death of 63-year old Mrs. Patience Ransley, who was sheltering inside at the time. The tunnel is blocked at the point of the shell penetration, which occurred within the grounds of Cowgate Cemetery on the surface. It is however possible to go much further than the blockage , but conditions are poor due to roof falls and rotten timber props. Due to redevelopment of the Durham Hill area, the entrance at that end seems to have vanished. The passage going West from the main entrance tunnel passes a vent shaft and kiln, and was originally known as 'Soldiers' Home Caves', due to them being behind the old Soldiers' Home.

Now a bit arse about face but there was a few of us so we split up and 2 of us went up the far end of cowgate tunnel where the bomb breached and worked our way back.

About time i took some decent pics from this place ..ta for looking!!