Sunday, 18 September 2011

St. Margarets 5.5” Battery ( Z Rocket )

Borrowed history.(tbh its all pretty simialar)

At St Margaret's Bay there is the underground deep shelter for St Margarets 5.5" Battery. This site was the first one to use the unrotated projectile known as the Z - Rocket which was a anti - aircraft (AA) weapon. It was officially known as a UP or unrotated projectile. It was not particularly accurate, but the thinking was that if fired in large enough amounts an enemy plane just might get hit!

Visited with silver rainbow Obscurity and last but by no means least SpaceInvader


Quick revisit from one of my favourite deep shelters,and a chance to get mr ruddy white balance issues sorted out!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

St.Lawrence Graveyard september 2011

Right this is in no way URBAN EXPLORING...just a little break into some night time photography i was more than pleased with so i thought id share..
Myself justin and tristen met up and scared the locals for a few hours running round the graveyard with our torches and dslr' is my outcome

Just a few from a rather pleasant evening  !

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mr Beans swimming pool Sept 2011

This swimming pool is in Hayes..its nocknamed mt beans swimming pool due to the fact i twas indeed used in filming for mr bean..theres a suprise..

visited with Space Invader,Obscurity + Jade and Silver Rainbow

All in all quite a fun day !!!

F H Manor Kent september 2011

This is a little gem hidden away in kents country side..all the history that can be found on the place indicates during ww2 it was taken over by the Raf and shortly after burnt out being rebuilt with modern materials..

Visited with SpaceInvader,Obscurity +jade and Silver Rainbow

Pleasant no hassle visit...cheers guys