Thursday, 18 August 2011

Animal Testing Lab

The history on this place isn’t being quoted ,no doubt it will all come out in depth at some point just not by me and not today!
Originally posted by Mr Raddog..big respect !

This was our 2nd splore of the day which for me started with the alarm waking me up at 2.30am ,quick cuppa and in the car and on the road by 3am.

After we’d got round sevs we headed for munch and then set off to meet Troglodyte and Peach for our tour round the labs..didn’t spend a huge amount of time here due to it being such a long day by the time we arrived,so not a huge amount of pics ,and none from the manor house.

Visited with Space Invader Obscurity peach and Trog

Thanks to Trog and Peach for the invite and the tour round..did leave feeling a bit sad as to what the poor animals must have suffered in this place!!