Monday, 18 July 2011

Stonehouse Asylum july 2011

This was our second visit ,1st visit we met security just on their side of the fence and was shown out..Fastforward 8 days this time armed with Obscurity we set off earlier..we gained access onto the site then into the building thru a rather small mucky asbestos filled "hole"...after several enjoyable hours inside we ventured down to where we could hear what sounded like an electrical buzz as we assumed some sort of power was on Obs and Maniac ventured down,as  it turns out it was power for the mobile fone transmitters and some sort of vents...Sooo we all started to wander towards the side wings of the hospital when all of a sudden the lights come on..In a flash we all started to invader looked back and caught a glimpse of what he thought was a man in police uniform..we ran quicker..thing is we wasnt really sure where we was running to as our acces wasnt a simple straight forward door..any how we all found our way back to the hatchway with secca close behind..obs dived in camera still on tripod calling for us to get in,tbh there wasnt gunna be the room and as us three watched obs dissapear into the gap one security appeared not far behind us..we then started to put our kitt away as we heard him say"are these the three you caught last week"at that point secca from last week walked in..i Said so can ytou show us a safe way out then mate..not his call he said..sop the 1st secca said its delete your pics or ill call the be honest he has no right to make us delete pics and neither do the police ...fact is to make life easier we did just that.well maniac wiped his clear i got someway thru dleting and said all invader went thru the motions but didnt remove this is my excuse for not having all the pictures i wanted even tho i have software recovery  for sd not as many pics as id like for a report

Not as many pics as i actually got but what can you do!


  1. this place has been knocked down now,a big shame as it looked a nice place,i live near.morph40

  2. it hasnt been knocked down atal mate some one visited just a week ago and they havnt finsished clearing the place out yet and one part is still in use by a telecoms firm for signal masts..