Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Oriental city ,Harold wood,Buckmore park leisure centre

Met nelly skeleton key troglodyte 2 of nells friends and obscurity and silver rainbow and of course me long suffering friend space invader..

Was supposed to do st josephs missionary college ,securioty where pretty much on us as we got over4 the fence..so oriental city superstore was visited ,after a good look round old man security alsationj and orders to stand still ..dont move where shouted..after a few choice words i explained we where leaving just let us get on with it..another security guard chased some of the guys waving a wooden bat.We where met outside by the epolice quick chat and on our way!
Harold wood morgue was bloody ace..shame i didnt get too many pictures the late and heavy night drinking teh night before plus beer and white lightning done me in to the point i have no memory of much!
And on the way home silver rainbow pointed out buckmore..few shots inside and homewards bound!apparantly we went to look at another hospital but i was a tad squiffy and cant remember..My pics of the day arent brilliant managed to set iso up way to hight..not my best day really..
right few of the pics from the day

Right on to The few i got in harold wood.ending with a few nelly kindly took and mailed me..

And finally a few from inside Buckmore park leisure centre..

Big thanks to all involved ..especially space invader ,i was quite a handfull..

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