Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wiltshire Trip March 2011

This trip allways was going to be mental,obscurity asked me a while back if i wanted to do the long weekend,and boy was it a long weekend!
Myself tb's obscurity drove down to maniac's met up with him and frosty and headed out to wiltshire friday late afternoon.

First destination was Westwood

We slept here the night and woke to maniacs sausages in a roll and packed our gear up and headed to Browns folly

Browns it self was a nice little explore i had farm shop cider from the nice shop and after a smaller bottle during the day we unpacked our stuff and chilled out..frosty and tb went for a wander and got a tad lost so myself maniac and obs went for a more trusted route,bout 1am we where joined by jesus(raptor jesus)

some pics from browns

After a nice bacon roll we packed up and headed to BoX

Right BOX Quarry ,wet and muddy ..we headed on to the robot room kronenbourg packed and weighing me down big time..We found our spot unpacked and headed for an explore heading for the cranes .We had seen the cathederal on our way in and decided that was for the next day on way out

After a very wet awful nights sleep we packed up and headed slowly out ..Trip done!!
Thanks to all involved..and go obs for the makeshift camp in Box!!go team obs!!

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