Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Yarrow Home for Convalescent Children of the Better Classes December 2011

Explored with Space Invader ,Obscurity and One Flew East

Right Myself and SI & Obscurity have had our eye on this place for ages now ,waiting for the right time in-between the building closing from its duties within the college and before it was emptied out “Mothballed” and then the boards going up! Today was our day to give it a crack. This place as its in the grounds of a very live College has 24 hour security and CCTV cameras up all over the exterior which Are watched by security who are on the ball..We where just more on the ball today so finding our access point to be Doable we made our way in and explored the place from top to bottom..Theres a few locked doors but from the view through the glass mainly offices with stuff stored in them so no real loss..There is a morgue but it was not recognisable as a morgue due to many years of improvements and renovations

A brief history because believe me there is an awful lot more about this place and Mr Yarrow online..

The Yarrow Home for Convalescent Children of the Better Classes in Ramsgate Road was a project of Sir Alfred Yarrow from the Yarrow shipbuilding family. It was set up in 1894 and was used as a hospital for Canadian soldiers during the First World War. Again it was returned to use as a children’s home after WWI but during WWII it was again requisitioned for Military use. The home continued in use after WWII until the 1960's when it became a Technical Training School. In 1997 the building was considered too expensive and planning permission was submitted to demolish it, however as there was much local opposition permission was refused. The building is now Grade II Listed and is still in use today as the Thanet Technical College.

On with some pictures..

Nice explore this one :)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

A few high spots in london

Didnt get to the very top of this tower ,im afraid i dont have a head for heights or the nerve to climb about 400 foot up in the air ,so heres a few pics from one very tall location and a few from millenium mills at night!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sarre Brigade HQ

This complex of underground tunnels was built in the 1940's and served as Brigade headquarters for the South East Army Command; it was manned by Canadian troops.  Other similar bases were also established at Reigate, Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells. At Sarre, the complex consists of three parallel stairways excavated into the chalk.  These lead downwards for fifty feet before the main areas of tunnels and rooms are reached.

Visited with Space Invader and Morgan

Nice bit of underground if i do say so myself!!