Thursday, 2 December 2010

SummerLands Lodge westgate on sea 1/12/2010

Right i dont personally know any of the history of this place it was a nursing home or care home i believe it closed in 2006 but then again another report says 2008
visited with uncle b and was his 3rd visit .Snowing freezing and at night


  1. Steve!!!! you gotta clean up ur some well good pictures !

    From Connor (dions son)

  2. hi, my eldest daughter and i am very interested in this place and wondered if anyone could help me in finding out how it could be possible for my eldest daughter and myself to look around, it seems many people have i just would not have a clue where to start, who to ask or how to go about it, if anyone can possibly help with this i would be very grateful, my email address is

  3. I would think it wouldnt be possible due to health and safety as there has been a fire inside and the building was far from safe when i visited many years ago,maybe look for the company's name who owns it on any sign boards around the site,or contact the local council!