Tuesday, 5 October 2010

DOE dover Aug, 2010

Right the D.O.E Tunnels in Dover are a large system of tunnels in the area of dovers western docks.The firebrigade plans of the 1970's name these tunnels D.O.E,they where owned by the Dover storage company which is now in use by a shipping company.
The tunnels are thought to date from around the 1800's and over the years have had work performed on them at some time,they are also believed to have been used during WW2 and also as a shelter ,and there is a stairway which is believed to form a link to the main train tunnel and rumour of an underground platform of some sort....
There was a tunnel connecting the D.O.E to the lower oil mills but ive read that was blocked off after a fire in the 90's
Also lesser known is that in front of these tunnels was the military barracks named the oil mills barracks..and that the main occupants where the east surrey regiment,and that the barracks where also used to "detain or station" conscientious objectors at some point during the war.
And one last thing what a place friggin huge .right enuff of all that on with the pics !

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