Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Boeing 747 september 2010

Right any one local will know about this plane where its been its history its all over the net so im not going to do a huge detailed report im just glad ive managed to get it done after the run in with security last time!!
Right visited and quickly photographed with The "usual supspects"as i know like to call them (frosty,knox,obs)
I apologise for the quality of pictures and fact i didnt photograph the entire plane front to back top to bottom..or get some walking away from plane shots ..i wish i hadnt got all my kit in a rucksack which takes me forever to get too,but anyways ive done it and incident free
QUICK EDIT..this was part of the info i was looking for so i borrowed it from my mate who went with me last night
First flight: Feb. 9, 1969
Model number: 747-100/-200
Classification: Commercial transport
Span: 195 feet 8 inches
Length: 231 feet 4 inches
Gross weight: 735,000 pounds
Cruising speed: 640 mph
Range: 6,000 miles
Ceiling: 45,000 feet
Power: Four 43,000-pound-thrust P&W JT9D-3 engines
Accommodation: 33 attendants, 374 to 490 passengers
isnt the actual information on this plane, that i couldnt find but is general info on the 747
on with the pics.

a few newer pics from one of the other visits i did up here

Thx for looking its a great bit of history and is to be dismantled and disposed of!!

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