Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Rank Hovis flower mill and the Boeing 747 ..again

Right this was a revisit on my behalf but a new one for  spaceinvader and a young man called Toby ..First the Hovis mill

Thursday, 23 December 2010

1880 Channel Tunnel Attempt December 2010

Right after report not long back myself and uncle b decided we'd put this off long enough so cold weather and long walk aside we decided to go for it,we where joined by obscurity ,maniac and ofatjameso...was cold wet and thats before we hit the tunnel,excuse quality of pictures as finding a steady unmoving part of ground to place tripod wasn't easy..Thanks to obscurity for pointing out the Nice bit of graffiti
Many proposals had been made for a Channel Tunnel dating as far back as Napoleonic times and in 1875 serious planning began on both sides of the Channel. However, early attempts on the English side were not very successful and flooding was a continual problem. In 1880 a test shaft was sunk at Abbot’s Cliff near Folkestone, followed by a second shaft at Shakespeare Cliff in 1881. The tunnel was expected to be completed by 1886, but the British Government were beginning to grow increasingly concerned that the Tunnel would render Britain extremely vulnerable in the face of an invading army from Europe (by this time recently unified Germany were perceived as posing the greatest military threat to Britain). The government remained concerned; very little work proceeded after 1882 and the project was forcibly abandoned in 1898 when bring was permanently restrained through the High Court
History taken from underground kent

Was a good night cold though!cheers guys

Few updated pics from a more recent visit


Saturday, 11 December 2010

RunWell Hospital 2010

Runwell hospital..pretty big place spent atleast 4 hours if not more walking round it!
Brief history

Runwell Hospital was operated by South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust until its final closure on 23 April 2010. From February 2008 until its closure, Runwell Hospital provided solely forensic mental health services in line with the trusts reprovision programme

Thanks to obs and knox was a good day  :)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Pierremont Park WW2 shelter broadstairs

Right there is no actual history on the shelter it's self ,well none i could find just history on the park and gardens which dates back too the 1700's a brief bit of history on the park

Pierremont Park has a hall and associated gardens of unknown size dating from 1785. The site was purchased by the district council for council use in 1927. The gardens include specimen trees, a fountain and a pergola.

Visited with uncle b, and obscurity...

Few updated pics form a visit much later on...

Right thanks to Space invader ..he knows why,after this we did a walk and lift around broadstairs as you do..plenty of sewers and soak aways..and i fell on me arse sliding down some mud ..all in all a good trip tho!!